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These items are terrific for people of all ages. Amusements are a sure way to get attention and keep guests into the scene you have created. All amusements require an attendant.

Trackless Fire EngineTrackless Fire Engine
One of our more popular rentals. This ride provides hours of excitement for all age groups. It is fully equipped with a ringing bell, siren and flashing lights. The back is equipped with two padded seats that can hold up to 1000 lbs. This is a perfect outdoor ride that works on roads and grass. NorthStar will work with you to design a course with stops throughout your picnic area. NorthStar will coordinate this activity.

Wacky TrikesWacky Trike
These oversized trikes are a hilarious way to entertain your guests. Jump on and the fun begins. Great for teen and adult relay races. Adult trikes (up to 250 lbs) and kiddy trikes are available. A must have for picnics, schools and team building exercises!!

Foam Dance Pit
You have seen these before on spring break and club videos. Party goers enter into this oversized inflatable for dancing or just plain fun. A foam machine pumps non-toxic, dry foam into the pit for you to enjoy. Does not Include DJ. Add a video dance screen for even more fun!!

The "Chariot" is a safe alternative to the popular Segways. Unlike the segways, these have a second set of barely noticable wheels for balance, lights, turning signals, horn, brake controls, reverse mode, gauges etc. Awesome for schools, corporate picnics, tours, fun times.


Wax HandsClick here for full page
This is the perfect souvenir to take away from any event. Just form your hand in whatever shape you want, we take over, and minutes later you have a wax replica of your hand. Add some color and flair, and you have a keepsake like no other. Parents adore having this token of a little one. Includes unlimited ‘hands’.

Photo Booth


Air Brush Tattoos
Air Brush Tattoos are one of the most popular novelty items we offer. Children to Adults enjoy getting these painless tattoos. Our Air Brush artist will tattoo any one of a wide varity of designs with up to six different color inks. Tattoos last 1 to 7 days depending on which type of ink is used and how each person cares for it. Tattoos can be removed with rubbing alcohol. These are great for picnics, carnivals, school, college events and more. Requires electricity and an 8' W x 8' L area to operate in.



Tiki Hut/Bar

Laser Tag Arena
40' Round Laser Tag arena or maze.


Laser Tag



Titanic Slide
This dual lane slide captures the heart of both young and old with all the excitement of the famed ocean liner on its maiden voyage. Requires a 60 X 35 flat area to setup and access to (2) 20 AMP electrical outlets within 100 ft of equipment. A jump to it attendant is required to operate. 66' L x 18' W x 33' H. NorthStar will coordinate this activity.

Kiddie Pirate Ship Playland Pirate Ship
Kiddie pirate adventure featuring a huge play area, slide and captain blackbeard's cove. A 33' long monster slide and kiddie playland ensuring hours of fun for all. Age restrictions apply. NorthStar will coordinate this activity.

Waterballoon Battle
Waterballoon Battle is a great RENTAL game. This is a great substitute for dunk tanks! It is safe, easy to use, 5 minute set up and very portable. This is the same type Patented Waterballoon Battle set as used by rental companies, amusement parks, campgrounds, FEC's and municipalities around the world! The set comes complete with 2 Launch Stations, 12-person Fill Station, 12 splash balls (use where no water hose is available) Travel Covers, Slingshots, and Pads. Our exclusive Fill Station has 2 quarter turn PVC valves to fill twice as many balloons plus the patented balloon tie rods which will allow you to tie balloons at an incredible rate without wearing out your fingers!! You can even tie a water balloon with ONE HAND!


Big Foot Race
Northstar's Big Foot Race is the perfect item for any event that calls for a fun game. Each racing team is made up of three people. In order to get to the finish line, the individual team members must work together as a group. This game is great for both teens and adults. And best of all, it is awesome for developing teamwork and cooperation, creating a hilarious event. It features 2 sets of rugged "Big Feet" (8' long) and heavy-duty straps, and also comes with a brightly colored banner.



Dance Dance Revolution





Water Tag™ is a fun exciting water game for people of all ages. The game is played similar to Laser Tag, except with water soakers instead of lasers. Players wear vests that collect water sprayed by other players. The "winner" of the game has the least amount of water in his/her vest at the end of the game. All ages.


Street Canoes
This hilarious amusement has guests laughing for hours. Contestants paddle on a hard, flat surface in canoes on wheels, using plungers as oars, in a race to cross the finish line.

Pony RidesPony Rides
Watch the children’s faces light up at your next event. These clean and gentle ponies will make your next event a hit. We bring the ponies to your location, provide courteous handlers and clean up any pony mess too!! Events with four or more ponies are on a ‘wheel’ with 2 handlers.

Petting ZooPetting Zoo
Bring the joy of farm animals and more to your next event. These animals will be a blast to touch and feed. They include lamas, rabbits, ducks, goats, chickens and other barnyard animals.

Bungee RunBungee Run
All the fun of a bungee in the safety of an inflatable. Two contestants are harnessed to a bungee cord with a velcro marker in hand. The contestants race against the pull of the cord and compete to have their velcro marker at the farthest point before being snapped back to the start. NorthStar will coordinate this activity.

Power Paddler Lagoon

Bouncy BoxingBouncy BoxingInflatable Boxing GlovesBouncy Boxing in the RingNew Bouncy Boxing



Contestants geared with oversized boxing gloves and head gear compete in an inflatable boxing ring to knock each other off their feet. A comical game great for all events. Also great for team building, icebreakers and schools. NorthStar will coordinate this activity.


30’ Monster Slide30' Giant Slide30' Slide w/ slide bag30' Giant Slide
A vibrantly colored, 2.5 story tall inflatable that is a sure crowd pleaser. Have a blast as you climb to the top and slide screaming to the bottom. The huge air-filled landing pad provides a safe, soft end to this thrilling ride. NorthStar will coordinate this activity.

Velcro WallVelcro Wall
Participants put on a “sticky suit”, bounce on the launch pad and jump against the velcro wall. Try different poses and watch the fun happen as you stick to the wall and try to get off. Crowds enjoy your sticky situation too! NorthStar will coordinate this activity.

Gladiator JoustGladiator JoustGladiator Joust Arena
Test your strength and agility. Contestants try to push, nudge and swat at each other ‘gladiator style’ on top of inflatable pedestals equipped with padded jousting poles. Don’t worry, because whoever falls lands on an inflatable mattress. NorthStar will coordinate this activity.

Balloon Typhoon
A colorful inflatable that keeps young children bedazzled. They enter on the side of a happy face and to their delight are surrounded by balloons swirling around inside (this is not a bouncy). Parents or adults are allowed to go in with the kids.

Dunk TankDunk TankDunk Tank
Hit the bull’s-eye and someone is going to get soaked! The glass front makes a spectacular site as you witness the person getting dunked slide into the water. Water is not included with the rental. Standard dunker also available.

Kiddie Ferris WheelMini Ferris Wheel

Cow Milking Contest
Challengers step up to 'OL Bessie' and do their best to out-milk each other. Cow milking competitions have been an attraction at fairs and festivals for years. Now it can be enjoyed without the hassle of a live cow! Both country folk and city-slickers will have lots of fun with Cow Milking Contest. It can be played by one person using a timer or two contestants in "hand to hand" combat.

Inflatable ArchArch
Welcome your guests in style with this Grand Arch. Create your own custom banner to advertise your event.

Basketball Bounce
Click here for more Bounces and MoonwalksBouncy Basketball
Bounce with basketball hoops inside.


County Jail
Are you planning a western-themed event or looking for the perfect fundraiser, then look no further! You must invest in our unique County Jail. Standing 7’ tall x 7’ wide, this County Jail holds up to ten prisoners. Ask about customizing your event with our own county sheriffs, search warrants and bail bonds for an authentic experience. Criminals Beware!

TwisterInflatable TwisterInflatableTwister
20' X 20' of inflatable twister fun.


Pit Stop Challenge
Northstar's Pit Stop Challenge brings all of the energy and excitement of Stock Car Racing to any party or event. Challengers race against the clock in a frantic effort to have the fastest change.


Micro Reality Racing
Now you can experience the thrill, chills and excitement of real stock car racing!
Imagine racing your favorite Winston Cup stock car on a banked oval speedway at scale speeds of more than 200 mph!
You're in complete control as you head into the high speed banked curve, your left hand gripping the full-size steering wheel, your right hand on the throttle, your heart pounding as you go into turn 3 with the throttle wide open - when all of a sudden it happens - the car behind you taps you on your bumper as he squeezes to the inside - sending your car spinning up the track, out of control and into the wall as another car t-bones you when you slide in front of him.
No worries! You might be a lap down, but you're not out of the race. Just shift into reverse and you're back in the action!
It's this kind of realism - the spectacular crashes, the high-speed spin-outs, the bumping and rubbing of real stock car racing, and the exciting crash after crash, non-stop action that has made micro-reality stock car racing the ultimate interactive, audience participation experience!
Tremendous traffic builder and maximum crowd pleaser - perfect for any kind of event, function, or social gathering where you want maximum response and positive results … and of course the cars and track can be sponsor branded or customized to suit any client's needs.
Let our professional staff show you how to put your next even in the winners circle with micro-reality stock car racing.
Here is a list of what is available in our race packages:



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